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Proper management of customer’s valued assets Investment – Asset management –

We entrust and manage the owned real estate for revenue.

Due to the recent unstable economic circumstances, people getting real estate from various purposes, such as retirement measures or for tax saving purposes, are increasing.

In the real estate owner industry various problems occur and expert knowledge is required.

Therefore, we can create a smooth asset by delegating our troublesome operation and management to our company in a lump.

For owners who already own real estate for investment, we are also able to review contract plans and request for maintenance renovation etc.

If you are thinking about investing in real estate for renting, those who already have done, please ask us for reliability and achievements.

~ Basic of Investment and Concept of Risk Distribution ~


「Don´t put all your eggs in one basket」


(Do not put eggs in one basket)There is a British saying that.

If you put all the eggs in one basket, all the eggs of the dropped basket will be broken.

However, if you divide it into several baskets, even if you drop one basket, the eggs in other baskets will remain without breaking.

In the same way, assets also equity “” insurance “” real estate “ and even ” real estate “ multiple areas “Our basic idea is to realize real estate investment by classifying the” single-use property “,” family-use property “,” business-use property “, etc. and diversifying the risk for each region.

Looking to the future vision, we specialize only in real estate investment and are engaged in investment advisory business.

Now that the pension problem by the aging society is concerned, “salaried worker owner” is increasing, thinking it is a must-do.

Managers in other industries also have many real estate owners.

It seems that people who think that it is difficult to keep on fashion in any business is increasing.

Either way, in Japan that has entered an aging society, we have to start building assets with a view to the future from an early stage. If you seriously consider such a future, please consult us once.

In addition, we currently have the opportunity to propose the establishment of a company to those who have several properties.

That does not mean that the owner owner should become the “president”. It is because there is an advantage to the last.

· Corporate persons are easier to borrow financial institutions than individuals
· Executive compensation can be deductible
· Insurance premium can be expensed by making a contractor of life insurance corporation
· Personal progressive taxation, corporate tax rate is constant

There are many other advantages as well. However, we can not establish a company for free.

In the case of “corporation”, the registration license tax is at least 150,000 yen (0.7% of capital), the certificate issuance fee is 2000 yen, the notary person’s fee is 50,000 yen, the income stamp of the articles of incorporation is 40,000 yen It is unnecessary)
In the case of “Legal Company”, at least 60,000 yen (0.7% of capital), 2000 yen, 40,000 yen (unnecessary in the case of electronic articles of incorporation)

In addition, even if the corporation is in the deficit, an equal amount of corporate inhabitant tax of 70,000 yen occurs every year, and a settlement declaration is required.

In addition to submitting the balance sheet and income statement as financial statements, we will also prepare attachment documents such as corporate overview summary and account item breakdown.

Despite considering the tax saving effect, if the cost of corporate management seems to be more than that, it will be toppled over.

Due to the fact that individuals may be advantageous, there are also things we can tell you about the current standard of living, family composition, and the goals as real estate owners.

Whether establishing a corporation is good or not depends greatly on the economic environment for each future thinking.