Rental housing+Translation

Rental housing introduction service to foreign nationals

For foreign nationals, finding a job or residence in Japan is a hard work.

Proposal of residence- To ensure peace of mind –

In our company where you are in and out of any nationality, the number of foreign workers and foreign students wishing to enter the Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Shiga) is increasing among the properties managed and operated. Commercialize “guarantor’s unnecessary plan” to guarantors who are often required at the time of contract. We have partnered with six guarantor companies that can be judged even by foreign nationals.

Translation services

As globalization progresses and English is indispensable in business and various fields, are you taking time to translate English? Come Alive provides experienced translators with a careful translation that matches your wishes.
One word 10 yen. Please send the text, we will submit the estimate after consultation such as deadline.

Specialty field: Environment, business negotiation, agriculture, publicity, spirituality, general document etc

Management of tenants with interpreters from the time they move in to their departure

~ Interpretation brokerage & rental real estate management ~

At our company we offer services that other companies can not do by backing up many residents with weapons of real estate × English interpreter as weapons. I explain the rules of cultural differences and owner’s intention before moving in. As an interpreter by TOIEC 700 or more staff, it is possible to interpret to tenants including difficult nuances.

Some examples of services provided to tenants: address change at the post office, neighborhood association, explanation of the area such as PTA, contract procedure of mobile phone, procedure of financial institution (direct debit or ATM, explanation at window) I will accompany you with the procedures.

Rusutaku – Management of vacancies to those who are difficult on your own –

We will advise vacant houses due to relocation or inheritance from various angles as sale or rental property.

There are people who are owning a home owner for various reasons.
Continue to maintain property capabilities by regular cleaning, water and wind.

Need for ‘Rusuraku’

Empty houses where people do not live are prone to bruise and seriously impair the value of real estate. If you leave it for a long period of time, it will not only be costly to repair when you try to live, it will also affect the life of the building itself. In order to properly manage the vacant house, it is necessary to regularly exchange the air in the room, drain the water supply and sewer, remove weeds, and manage it as a house that can live anytime. So, if you have to vacate your home by transfer to a remote location or assigning abroad etc, how can you manage a vacant house?

Therefore, it is the emergence of vacancy patrol management “Rusuraku”.

It is service for such people.

· I’d like you to manage my precious houses during my overseas assignment.

· My parents’ house became vacant, so I do not know what to do.

· I am worried because I make my home a vacation home for a few months on a trip or a business trip.

· I want you to periodically report and manage until tenants decide.

Our vacancy patrol management service realized comfortable vacant house management with a little expensive monthly. If it is a short term, I can ask neighbors, acquaintances, relatives, etc, but it is quite difficult if it is long. With this, the trouble of the owner (owner) was solved!

What do you do with “Rusulaku”?

It is the essence of service. On the management reporting side, such as pruning of garden trees, watering, spraying of pest control chemicals, etc., if the garden tree such as windows wiping, water circulation, ventilation, periodic cleaning, etc. is done, the interior is made periodic construction check of the site on site and collection of postal matter We will manage the property safely. In addition, I will customize it by asking each customer’s requests such as reporting to neighbors and local residents, procedures to the government office, etc. Please leave your precious home at ease.

Firstly from consultation. We will quote.

Management and renting of rental apartments, apartments, detached houses, buildings in the Kansai area

We mainly manage Shiga · Kyoto, comprehensively manage rental property in Kansai area.
Proposal tailored to the owner, such as rent guarantee and borrowing (sublease)

Management system · plan

We eliminate owner’s concerns and manage sound management. Regarding ways to be worried about the 1st ranked rent payment, we will guarantee 100% even if the tenant is arrears. Besides, while avoiding troubles with neighboring residents and proposing improvement measures, we will follow all up until clearing at the time of withdrawal.

By issuing a liquidation statement, the final return will also be comfortable.

In addition, you can choose the management content from among the 4 plans.

① Collection and rent non-payment guarantee plan

② 1 room All Follow Plan

③ All Follow Plan

④ Please contact us for sublease plan fee and administration details.

From interior petit refinement to full renovation

Exterior structure, wall, roof … Those thinking that we must repair
Please leave someone who thinks petit refurbishment only for children’s rooms!

Indoor renovation

I want to change the image of the room with trendy accents etc! If you can tell me the image, we recommend “Petit Renovatable to choose from” several patterns with color, pattern etc etc. In addition, please leave a case that requires carpentry work, such as wooden flooring such as change of room layout to DK to LDK to Japanese style room, Western style room! Recently there are gifts to refurbish water around the wedding anniversary and wife ‘s birthday. As expected it is difficult to say surprise …

In addition, our company will respond to annoying sound insulation class survey and various application applications!

Exterior walls, roofs, garden, carport etc are also available.

The entrance and the external structure are always seen from the outside. Will you take the time to remodel it? It is also one that increases the value of your property. Roof and outer wall painting become essential expense after years. Because it will be a large construction fee, it also corresponds to a refundable mortgage loan and installment payment system.

To the person who is the owners of the multi-family houses and thinks about large-scale renovation

People who borrow that the entrance is beautiful are also safe. We support a wide range including home delivery BOX and auto lock setting, high pressure washing. We will also upgrade the equipment that will make the current residents happy, such as improving lifelines such as water supply and gas, and using key of the entrance key as a pick key. First of all, we will do a comparative survey with neighboring rival property based on the owner’s intention.

We will propose upfront investment for the future when the population will decline.