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What we aim for is to lead many people to a happy and comfortable life centering on real estate
Through real estate investment, leasing intermediation and management, we help you support your lives in a wide range of fields including media, web production, advertisement
In the future, we are also offering services for rental brokerage to foreign nationals who are on the upward trend.
I promise to surely deliver a wonderful encounter.
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- Main services of ComeAlive -
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\"Real estate rental brokerage and management\", \"Management of empty house countermeasure\" Rusuraku \"\", \"Remodeling business\", \"Old private house appraisal business\", \"Real estate investment advisory business\"
\"Business support consultant\", \"interpreter / translation business\", \"beauty shop business\", \"solar power generation business\"

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Real Estate Division
Real estate rental brokerage and management
We are independently developing rental brokerage services through knowhow of asset management.
SUmode Kusatsu store on JR Tokaido Main Line Kusatsu station a 2minute walk | Open SUmode Takatsuki branch on JR Tokaido Line Takatsuki Station on foot 1 minute
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We provide interpretermediated brokerage and management for foreign nationals.
Those who study abroad in Japan are elite in their home country.
We use rental real estate × interpreter collaboration as weapon/ we provide many services not available to other companies by backing up many tenants.
Management of empty house measures Rusuraku
We will advise you on vacant houses due to relocation or inheritance from selling and renting/ various angles.
There are people who are owning a vacant house for various reasons.
Continue to maintain property capabilities by regular cleaning/ water and wind.
Window wipe/ water circulation/ ventilation/ regular cleaning etc. in the room.
If you have a garden/ pruning of garden trees/ watering/ spraying of pest control chemicals etc.
On the management reporting side/ we regularly perform construction checks on the premises and collecting postal items/ and we will manage the property safely. In addition/ I will customize it by asking each customer\'s requests such as reporting to neighbors and local residents/ procedures to the government office/ etc. Please leave your precious home at ease. Firstly from consultation.
Renovation business
Petit refinement to renovation widely
I want to change only the image of the room with fashionable accents cross etc! If you can tell me the image/ we recommend Petit Renovatable to choose from several patterns with color/ pattern etc etc.
Also/ please leave a case that requires carpentry work/ such as change of room layout of Western style room/ flooring tension etc. Exterior wall painting/ waterproofed roof construction/ outside garden construction/ carport etc are also supported.
Recently there are gifts to refurbish water around the wedding anniversary and wifes birthday. As expected it is difficult to say surprise ...
Sound insulation class survey and various applications are also handled by our company
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Old private house appraisal business
Those who have owned properties for over 50 years. Or those who are in neglect of your relatives/ please introduce.
We will give you the best advice after an old private house appraisal.
Real estate investment advisory business
For those who want to raise income levels or pension problems by an aging society/ we specialize only in real estate investment and are engaged in investment advisory business.
¨ Real estate with many relationships with people ¨ has quite different qualities from other investments.
We believe that we have valued social/ buyer/ lender/ borrower/ broker/ banker/ and other associates.
With the influence of womens social advancement and late marriage in recent years/ womens property owners are increasing as pension/ inheritance countermeasure/ risk management.
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Opening support consultant
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We support the opening of various industries including food and beverage business such as coffee shops and ramen shops/ service business such as beauty shop and massage shop/ sales business such as flower shop etc.
I will advise how to write a business plan/ how to borrow to a financial institution/ apply for subsidies and subsidies.
We will also help you to create web contents and homepages for opening/ SEO measures/ installation of infrastructure such as OA equipment/ and sign design.
Interpretation / Translation Division
As globalization progresses and English is indispensable in business and various fields/ are you taking time to translate English? In our company/ an experienced translator provides a polite translation according to customers intention.
One word 10 yen. Please send the text/ we will submit the estimate after consultation such as deadline. Specialty fields Environment/ business negotiation/ agriculture/ publicity/ spirituality/ general documents/ etc.
At our company we offer services that other companies can not do by backing up many residents with weapons of real estate and English interpreter as weapons. It is possible to interpret to tenants including cultural differences and difficult nuances.
Other/ business
Solar power generation business

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